Pop Some Nuts & Candy Container

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The PopSome Candy & Nuts is a practical dispenser for items such as nuts and candy. The brightly colored lid and the patented Oxiloc system are specifically designed to ensure that the bowl remains airtight. If you pull up the flexible lid with a “pop”, a useful opening appears which makes it possible to simply dose the contents. The PopSome Candy & Nut Dispenser is perfect for parties. The PopSome ensures that the food is easily accessible, whilst also maintaining hygiene when shared by different people. The dispenser is also designed to retain items within the bowl should it be knocked over.
  • Shake out treats!
  • Keep on-the-go-snacks fresh!
  • Airtight seal for guaranteed freshness!
  • Open Freshness with a ""POP""!
  • Patented Oxiloc creates airtight seal
  • Practical dispenser
  • Silicone and SAN
  • Dishwasher safe 
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